Apply for Membership

Applying for Membership


If you are interested in joining the Art Circle it is a good idea to come to a meeting first to see what we do. If you do not know an existing member to come along with, please email us so that we can welcome you on arrival.

Membership is by elections held in the Spring and autumn. Applicants must be sponsored by two existing members. They must show at least ten pieces of their best work to the sponsors who will select six. This usually takes place in the applicant’s home. The six framed works are taken to the RBSA by the applicant on election night.

Applicants must have exhibited in at least one Open Exhibition where work has been selected by a panel of judges. This could be an RBSA Open Exhibition (not Friends) or an Open Exhibition with another high standing society or academy.

The annual sub payable is £40

If you are interested in applying, or just want to find out more, please contact Janet Groves, membership secretary at

You can also use the contact form or email