BAC 2018 Exhibition

2018 exhibition:

‘Inspired  by Words’


Words from a wide variety of sources were used as inspiration for members’ work e.g. quotations frompoetry, literature, music etc. The quotes  were printed alongside each work giving added interest and enjoyment to the exhibition .

The Presentation Day on 29th September was very well supported. The guest speaker, Ruth Millington, was very complimentary about all the work and selected Cristina Celestini RBSA as this year’s winner of the President’s Trophy for the drawing of her daughter ‘What’s to Come is Still Unsure’

The winner of the Marjorie Green award, selected by members, was John Wood RBSA.


Highly commended were:

Alex Maczkowski for ‘Allotment (toxic yellow)’ 

Hazel Astling ARBSA  for ‘Nothing Daunts the Dung Beetle’ and ‘Time, the Subtle Thief of Youth’

Anne Irby Crews RBSA  for her collograph ‘Phaethon’

Gwen McQuay for her photograph ‘Remember’

Petra Rohr-Rouendaal ARBSA  for her sculptures ‘Stepping Stones’ and ‘Andromeda’

Judith Rowley for her interpretation of the quote ‘Celebrating a Centenary Explosion on a Mail Train’ in textile