A Brief History 

The Birmingham Art Circle was founded in 1879 by Ernest Thompson with ten other Midlands artists.  Well known Birmingham artists have been members including William Wainwright, Edwin Harris, Walter Langley, William Breakspeare, Kate Bunce, Joseph Southall and Bernard Fleetwood Walker.

There have always been strong links with the RBSA and many Art Circle members are also members of the RBSA.

Exhibitions have been held in Birmingham almost every year since 1879:  at the
Graves Gallery in Cherry Street until 1907, then continuing at the RBSA Gallery. There have also been exhibitions elsewhere in Midlands.


Meetings are held on the last Friday of the month at the RBSA Gallery. Most meetings focus on constructive discussion of members’ work. There are occasional short presentations on issues of interest to practising artists. Every autumn a distinguished speaker is invited to give the annual lecture.