BAC 2019 Exhibition

2019 Exhibitions

Himley Hall

This was a new venue for our exhibitions, and received many compliments from visitors. A variety of work was exhibited in different media which made an interesting display in an attractive room.

It was an enjoyable place to visit with easy parking and amenities.

RBSA Gallery

The Shapeshifters Sculpture Group joined us for our annual exhibition at the RBSA. The combination of 2D and 3D work created a most impressive exhibition. Special thanks to Hazel Astling for organising and curating the exhibition.

Chris Tkatz RBSA was our guest speaker at the Presentation Day. He praised the high standard of the work, the curating of the exhibition and he selected the award winners.

President’s Trophy

      Martyn Harris for his sensitive painting ‘Portrait of Paul’

Highly Commended

      Cristina Celestini RBSA two pencil figure drawings  

      Alex Maczkowski graphite and gum arabic picture       

      John Wood RBSA humorous pastel and pencil drawings.

      Sue Denson ceramic bowls    

      Bertosz Flisowski marble sculptures             

The winner of the Margery Green Award, selected by the members, will be announced later