June Dudleston

June Dudleston RBSA


Lake and Reeds

June Dudleston was born in 1937 in Wallasey, Cheshire. She attended Wallasey School of Art and Birmingham Art Teachers’ Training College. She taught briefly in Secondary Schools then transferred to Adult Education.

She trained as an illustrator, but began painting in oils when she started teaching adults. Gradually the painting took over from the teaching, and now she does occasional demonstrations and workshops.  

June has evolved a method of working with oils over an acrylic underpainting, and using a painting knife in preference to brushes. Landscapes and seascapes are her usual subjects, including local places like the nearby park, and other locations further afield.

Since June has family in Canada, many of her paintings are of various parts of this huge country. Holidays with friends in Europe have resulted in both French and German paintings. The digital camera is invaluable in capturing subjects seen “on the hoof” when there is no time to sit and sketch something that asks to be painted.


Royal Birmingham Society of Artists