Valerie Just

Valerie Just


Railway Bridge

Valerie’s work is mainly 2-D and landscape-based. She prefers subjects that convey a sense of transition and transience. These include the natural cycle of the seasons, of growth, decay, renewal, and the interaction between nature and man-made environments. She particularly likes the changing marginal landscapes of urban ‘edgelands’,  colonized by nature, such as wastelands, abandoned sites, railway embankments, allotments and canals.
She uses sketches and photographs to create images which can be either  imagined landscapes or based on actual locations. Her favoured media are charcoal, pastels and oils and she likes the technique of mono printing.

She studied at Reading University for a degree in Fine Art. She has been involved in art education for most of her working life and is now retired.


Solihull Artists’ Forum



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