Mathé Shepheard

Mathé Shepheard RBSA



In 1980 Mathé returned to university as a mature student to study ceramics and glass, selling her work and designs to various companies

She returned to teaching after being invited to lecture on stained glass. A study visit to Japan has proved a source of inspiration ever since. 

She started painting after retirement. She likes the fluidity, the variation in tone and the unexpected in watercolour. Inks are more expressive and permanent. She paints flowers, individually and in groups, and trees which can be realistic or semi abstract. Other aspects of her work derive from landscape, sky and water which respond well to a free combination of watercolour and inks.

She likes her work to generate a sense of deja vu, as well as the unexpected and hidden.

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
Birmingham Watercolour Society
Sutton Coldfield Society of Artists




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