Philip Singleton ARBSA

Philip Singleton ARBSA

In September 2018 Philip was awarded a Distinction from the University of Falmouth for his MA in photography and this was followed the Royal Photographic Society Associateship.

Philip is developing The Pause Project – a large body of work that is evolving into a series of considerable substance.

From 14th to 28th June 2018 he exhibited at Argentea Gallery, St Paul’s Square, Birmingham with a show entitled ‘Birmingham Dust’

“The practice resolves to question and explore the concept of pause. Pause is the interruption of the natural or imposed flow of time and life. An adjournment. A metaphor of the slowing of the heart beat, a hesitation, a drawing of breath. A discontinuance”

He classifies himself primarily as an art photographer, with an attuned eye for surface, texture, light and space.

He works selectively on commissions for clients.  He will never shoot at a wedding but will talk about opportunities where his image making can create real value.

His images are available as limited editions of just three (now five as of 2023 onweards) with certificates of authorship and ownership. He has sold work in Hong Kong and the UK.

A series of his images has been represented by Okk Arts

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists