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Valerie Just

I am primarily a painter in oils but also work in acrylic, water-colour, charcoal and monoprint.  I like themes which convey a sense of transition and change.  These include the natural cycle of growth, decay and renewal, but I am also interested in change in man-made environments

I am particularly interested in urban 'edgelands', those marginal areas, neither rural nor urban, found in or fringing towns and cities. They interest me as places of flux, of interaction between the natural and man-made, of unofficial wildness. I sketch and photograph these landscapes but am less concerned with direct representation, instead I develop my ideas through memory.  I use colour and texture to express the changing appearance of growth, weather, human activity etc. 

I trained in Fine Art at Reading University and taught Art for a number of years.  I am also a member of Solihull Artists Forum and Leamington Studio Artists and frequently exhibit locally. 

Further images of my work can be seen on: www.solihullartistsforum.co.uk

'Edgelands, horses grazing'

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