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Sujata Aten

My paintings are based on collected experiences and memories of being born and brought up in India, my travelling and having lived in England since 2000. I am passionate about colours and I am inspired by landscapes, nature and wildlife for my paintings.

For my abstract landscape paintings, I work from my memory trying to recreate the feelings and the mood that the depicted landscape signifies to me. I do not always produce an accurate representation but aim to evoke a sense of personal experience, to create an image which brings together different aspects of the landscape. 

I work mainly in my studio, but I develop ideas by taking photographs and drawing in a sketchbook outside in the field. I like to use acrylic and oil paint depending on the subject and effect I wish to create. 

I started to fully dedicate myself to painting in 1998, and since then I have exhibited and sold many paintings both in the UK and internationally. I completed my BA (HONS) Fine Arts from University of Derby in 2009. Recently I got involved in the conservation of wildlife and intend to raise funds through your support to save wildlife in its natural habitat.

My website: www.sujata-art.com

'April in Dovedale'

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