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Ann-Monique F. Stellinga

My work is varied in both subject matter and in the range of materials and techniques I like to use, however, it can best be described as contemporary mixed media painting using predominantly acrylic and acrylic inks, but also pastel. Collage and texture feature in some of my paintings, and I have recently been heavily involved in experimenting  with recycled and found materials from beachcombing and some have an almost 3D quality.  

Many of my paintings have featured the landscapes of North Wales, however I also enjoy cityscapes, as well as portrait and figure work. In addition to painting I have had an abiding interest in textile work, and in recent years printing, especially collagraphs.


Wrexham Open: 2008, RBSA Opens: 2008,2009,2010,2011

Society of Women Artists Open: 2010, Worcester Open: 2010

Royal Cambrian Academy: 2009, EAC Over 60s Art Award: 2009, 2010/11


'Quarry Cottages 1'
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